The Cambridge Atom Scattering (CAS) Centre Board will:

    • Provide strategic advice on current and future operation and development of the centre;
    • Monitor centre operations and output (financial, technical and scientific);
    • Review the centre budget and performance, to ensure that value for money is delivered;
  • Assist in developing and maintaining an optimum plan for the centre operations.

The Centre board reports to the Head of the Department of Physics (HoD), University of Cambridge, but will also provide guidance to the CAS Centre Scientist and the CAS Centre Local Management Committee.

The Centre Board has no executive powers or liability.​

Organisatio​nal Matters

The Centre Board shall consist of:

    • A member of University of Cambridge academic or senior research staff, as Chair of the Board;
    • The CAS Centre scientist, as Secretary of the Board;
    • Two researchers from the UK, to include the PI of the most relevant centre grant/project;
  • Two researchers from the international community.

Members shall be chosen to provide a balance of scientific, technical and management expertise relevant to the centre. Up to two members may be from industry (UK or internationally).

Members will be appointed for a fixed term of three years with the possibility of extension. The chair will not have normal voting rights, but only a casting vote, if necessary.

Centre Board membership will be open to nominations from the scientific community, including self-nominations. Members of the board will be appointed by the HoD.

The Board will meet at least twice a year. Additional meetings may be scheduled if required. The Board will provide a short written report to the HoD of the Cavendish laboratory following each meeting. 


The Board will report to the HoD and will advise the CAS Centre Scientist and the CAS Centre Local Management Committee on operational matters including:

    • Development of / delivery against the strategic plan for the centre;
    • Scientific productivity;
    • Future development opportunities and their potential scientific impact, including minor and major upgrades to the centre instrumentation;
    • Procedures for the allocation of centre time to users;
    • Economic Impact and related objectives and measures;
    • Use of the allocated budget and delivery of value for money
  • International interactions and leadership

The Secretary of the Board will normally circulate papers 1 week in advance of each meeting, to allow the Centre Board to carry out the above. Board members shall be able to ask for any further information that they feel is required to allow them to carry out their role.