The transition from reading textbooks as an undergraduate to completing novel research can be met with difficulty. To ease this transition, an educational package for atom scattering was written in the Summer of 2020. This consists of a set of useful topical notes; a collection of basic research tasks; and their full solutions (including MATLAB code).

The package should be able to support new-comers to the field of quasi-elastic scattering – including graduate students; summer students; and users of the Cambridge Atom Scattering Centre. Contribution to the development of the package is welcome. We hope that the package can be gradually expanded to serve a greater selection of fields of surface science.

The educational package was written by Ethan Arnold, Ming-Shau Liu, Rohit Prabhu, Connor Richards, under the supervision of Nadav Avidor, as part of the Cambridge Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Surface nanoPhysics and Atom-Surface Scattering.

Release: v0

A covering paper for the package can be found on the arxiv at arXiv:2009.11614 [physics.ed-ph].

The package itself is stored on the Zenodo servers at